Academic developments

2014 promises to be a busy year at Cavendish School of English and this year there should be an even more international feel about the place as students from all over the world plan to study here.During the rather wet wintery months the…

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Testimonials from Cavendish Malta

Wanja Simon Bieri” Hello my name is Wanja. I’m from Switzerland, I’m 22 years old and I spent 7 weeks in Malta, at Cavendish School. Malta is a beautiful island with a lot of history and very nice people. Every Friday…

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Our TSTU group

Cavendish School of English opens its doors to the students from Tambov State Technical University and celebrates the success in educational partnership The co-operation has been instrumental in setting up this important opportunity for Russian students to experience British culture and master…

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The “Pasta Night”

At Cavendish Malta, Wednesday means Kathrin’s pasta night!It has become a tradition now, every Wednesday we have Kathrin’s pasta night. Kathrin is one of our students and she is staying in the school’s penthouse, which she loves. Having good weather and a…

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Creative writing competition

October saw the start of a new creative writing competition at Cavendish School of English. For the whole month students had the opportunity to submit pieces to the competition and collectively the standard of work entered was fabulous. Pieces ranged from short…

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Conversation Club

Every Friday, students who are enrolled to our Premium, Business and Super premium courses have the opportunity to practice their English in a relaxed setting. Classes are held from 09:00 to 12:00.We discuss just about EVERYTHING! From latest news and politics to celebrities,…

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